Friday, December 30, 2011

Intimate Denial Experience

I have discovered that I like the emotional charge we get out of playing the denial game with my knight. He loves it, too.

Orgasm denial seems to bring us emotionally closer than typical sex ever could. Through his orgasm denial we  seem to have found emotional connection we both felt was missing. Sure we were open and connected emotionally before, but only on what felt like a surface level. We both craved something more.... intense. And I think we've found it.

To me, there is nothing sweeter or more emotionally charged than having my Knight lie in my arms after we make love, with is hard, throbbing cock resting in my hand or against me. Every so often as he's calming down I caress his cock just to listen to his continued moans of pleasure. I love it that he becomes so sensitive that simply putting my hand on his back sends shivers down his spine. And, I readily admit that love knowing he trusts me enough to give me complete control of his orgasms. There's no whining, no complaining and no objections when I bring our love making sessions to a close without allowing him to release. My sweet Knight simply curls up with me looking happy and completely contented. It's an amazing feeling, really.

Of course, the longest we've gone is a week and a half. We'll see how he reacts when we start to stretch that out to two weeks or more.  I probably won't go any longer than a month.  As much as I love his reactions when I deny him, I equally love watching the waves of sensation ripple through his body when he finally gets to release. Denial has made his orgasms so much stronger. It's a very cool thing.

Of course I need to learn to read him better, or I need to have him tell me when we're getting too close to that edge. I've missed the signs a couple of times and pushed him to a release when I didn't mean to.  And that it totally my fault. When I go too far, I let him ride out the orgasm and we start over.

Last night we were talking about the whole denial thing. I asked him if he's having fun with is. His answer, "How could I not? Why do you even question it?"  I pointed out that it's on thing to hand over all the decision making "power" especially since that really isn't much of a change from before. But it's an entirely different thing to give me that same control in the bedroom. His answer was "Of course I like it."  I then informed him of my intention to keep the denial thing going for a longer period than we've previously done before. I asked him if he wanted to know how long it will be, or if he'd rather be surprised.

My sweet Knight asked me to surprise him.

There is something incredibly sexy about that.


  1. Denial as you describe it, is a truly intense and amazing experience. If anything, I've had difficulty getting my wife to understand how much I truly want longer periods of orgasm denial (I'd prefer to cum only once or twice each month). I feel so incredibly close and emotionally connected with her while we bask in the afterglow of her orgasm when I do not release.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post and I suspect LO7 will enjoy it as well when i show it to her



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