Monday, May 11, 2015

Update On Knight and I.

Surprisingly enough, we're still here, and still together.

I finally got to the truth with my knight. He has been having continuing lapses in memory. Almost a year ago he had a major memory lapse, and it caused a major fight between us. He was upset, hurt and angry that I didn't edit, typeset, and compile his ebook for him. I agreed to do it for him because the book was done, but he was swamped at work and just didn't have time to publish it. Months passed, and as far as he knew I wasn't even work on it.Instead of saying something to me, he got upset and started acting out.

Except that I had finished the edits, typesetting, etc, and the finished product was sitting in his email, waiting for him to upload and publish.

He forgot. Even though I spent 45 minutes with him at my computer doing final reviews of the project, and he stood next to me when I hit the  "Compile" button, he had absolutely no memory of that day. It came out when the whole thing finally blew up into an argument at the park one day last summer. I had to skip the concert I was supposed to play in that afternoon so we could go home. I pulled up the file on my computer and showed it to him. I showed him the date the file was last edited and walked him through the afternoon as I remembered it. He STILL had no memory of it. Even after I proved it to him by showing him the file, he still had no memory. Today, a year later he still doesn't remember me working on his ebook, but he knows that I did. The book is published and has sold well.

I took note of the incident. I was even concerned enough that I discussed it with my oldest daughter. I wanted her to be aware in case it became a real problem.  Life went on.

This weekend was Mother's Day. When we took the kids to the waterfall in Tennessee I told my knight very specifically "Call the gift shop, and order those earrings for me for Mother's Day." Yesterday came and went, and no earrings. Last night, I asked knight about them. He looked at me blankly. He had no memory at all of me asking him to get them.  He was supposed to grill for me last night, too. I asked him to pick up burgers and grilling veggies for Sunday's dinner when he took the kids to the store on Saturday afternoon. Sunday afternoon he asked me what I wanted for dinner that evening. I reminded him that he was supposed to grill for me, and I got that blank stare. He didn't remember the conversation. The kids overheard and all insisted that THEY had heard me ask him to grill.

He finally admitted that he's been having problems remembering things at work, too, and that he's been forgetting stuff at home a lot more often than he's admitted. He told me that the attitude he gives me when he doesn't do something is really his own irritation that he he's forgotten something. He that he really doesn't know what he's forgotten, but that judging from how often the kids and I tell him he's forgotten something, and how often his project manager at work is "reminding" him of things, he's judging that he's forgetting things more often, and certainly more often than he should.

He's asked me to experiment with herbs, and see if I can figure out what's going on (I'm a Naturopath), and if I can't solve it in a few months, he'll agree to see a doctor.


Knight has a thing for body piercings. I have a couple piercings that he gets to play with and take photos of when he's been really good...