Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Trying Morning.

My Knight must be having an off day. I swear he has messed up everything he's tried to do this morning. He started to make my coffee and got side tracked and forgot about it - I had to finish it myself. He forgot to feed the cat, and most importantly, he did not accomplish his morning tasks. 

I own and run a small business in addition to being an independent contractor. One of these business I took over from an acquaintance about 8 months ago because my Knight wanted to run it. It's in his field of expertise and really, he's a perfect fit for the job. Cool! We had planned for my Knight to quit his 9-5 job and run this business right out of the chute. Except the person handing it over failed to mention that she had been trying to get out for the last 2 years. The business only had 1 client. We found this out the day the files were handed over to us (she had been telling us what the business made *before* she started scaling back). Okay.. we know what it's capable of bringing in and since she gave us the business- no money involved, I really wasn't too concerned. Just meant we need to change our plans a bit. That's why my Knight is working this stupid overnight shift. It gives him time during every day to work on this business a bit. I take care of planning and administrative tasks on Monday and Friday, and my Knight is responsible for running the business Tues- Thurs.  Each Monday evening I write out a list of things my Knight needs to do Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in order to achieve our production goals.

Except that today he could not stay on task and seemed to have forgotten all the training discussions we've had over the past 8 months for this task. Even though he has never performed the task I assigned him for today, he KNOWS how. We've talked about it at length. I've shared everything I've learned with him so he has the knowledge. He has my notes, and my list of what not to do - these are the same notes I have been using to do the job for the past 8 months. He just didn't put it to use. So now, this task has to be re-done tonight. Which annoys me because Wednesday is the only night we can go out alone. I have to give up my night out because he screwed up. Yes, I can go out without him, but I don't want to. No. I am not happy.

His punishment? Tonight, after the kids go to bed, he has to redo the task under my direction. After that is done he is going to heat my massage oil, and give me a full massage for at least two hours.. or until I fall asleep. I won't reciprocate, and I won't  play with his cock. His activities will be restricted to a simple massage. No sex, no oral, no nothing. In the morning, he will get up 5 minutes before me and put coffee on.

Tonight is our last night together before he goes back to work. Later this week it will occur to him that he missed the time we usually spend together on Wednesday.


Knight has a thing for body piercings. I have a couple piercings that he gets to play with and take photos of when he's been really good...