Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Recently my Knight just completed 30 full days of intentional orgasm denial. This morning I sent him an email asking.."so.. 30 days.. too long, not long enough, or you really don't have an opinion?"

His answer?  "...not seriously keeping count, babe...especially when you get upset with me.  I lose track of anything left of the decimal point, I think...*wink*"

This was the first time I intentionally denied my Knight for a set period of time. There was 2 weeks where I purposely withheld any touching because he screwed up big time. But, the original plan.. before the screw up.. was 30 days of denial. My Knight had not idea when I'd let him orgasm. In fact, we didn't even talk about it once during that time. He didn't ask, and I didn't volunteer the information-- he just knew he was not allowed to come until I told him he could.

I find it interesting that he wasn't counting. Or if he was, he's not willing to admit it to me. I find myself wondering why he didn't keep track, and if that indicates a lack of interest in the T&D game, or a total willingness to leave things in my hands.  And yes, I sent him a follow up email asking that and a few other things. Out of everything we do as part of our FLR, I enjoy T&D the most.  Although, I will admit, I wish my Knight would talk to me about how it affects him. But.. that will come. I know why getting him to talk about sex is so difficult, and that, I suppose is half the battle. 


  1. That is indeed interesting to me as well. I keep a note in my cell phone calendar as to when I last was permitted an orgasm. For me it's just a date as well but as the days mount I find it 'satisfying' to know that I went this long, or that she denied me this long.

    I would think that if your Knight enjoys T&D as much as you do that he would be willing to verbalize how he feels, especially if you told him you expected him to share while you were doing your tease. Maybe getting him in the right mood would help..... and he is a writer so some reflective writing might be a good outlet for him to write thoughts that you could later read.

  2. For me, it was 30 days...and I was very proud to tell my Mistress that I did it. If we want to please our ladies, then this is one super way of doing it.

    She says 30 say, yes ma'am

  3. I don't always know exactly how many days I'm at, so I shouldn't read too much into it.



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