Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tonight He Gets His Chastity Device

Last night my knight pissed me off. He was given a total of 4 tasks yesterday.

1. Be home on time
2. Make a list of 3 house and land goals for the next year
3. Make a list of 3 family goals for the next year
4. Build a fire in the grill and bbq dinner for me.

That's it. Number 1 was critical - be home on-time. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of buying this house and land. I planned a small family celebration that included a bbq, talking about goals for the next year, making some plans, and a celebratory toast with sparking cider. The whole thing hinged on him leaving work on-time. I'm usually pretty permissive about him working overtime. I don't often tell him that he absolutely must leave work exactly on-time. He knew what was expected, and he knew why. We've been talking about this for a week. .

So, when he emailed me from work 45 minutes after he was supposed to have left to tell me he was on the phone with someone, I was less than happy. I was expecting him to be home any minute. Now, I understand that he was on the phone with the project manager of his part-time job. But, there is no reason he could not have told her, "Hey, let me call you back from my cell because I need to leave the office and start heading home. We can talk along the way." That would have been perfectly reasonable

I put the salmon steaks that had been marinating all day in the oven, instead of lighting the grill because I don't grill. It's not that I can't - I'm pretty darned good with a grill- it's that standing by the hot grill is simply one of those things I expect him to do now. Like putting gas in the cars, or taking the garbage out.

When he finally got home, over an hour late, I tried to continue on with our celebration plans. Except when we got to the part where everyone shares things they'd like to do with our land over the next year everyone except my knight was prepared. Even our nine year old had her three suggestions ready. I sat there with my family and quietly stewed.

It turned out that he didn't have any family goals ready either. Again, all three of our kids were prepared, and knight was not.

I continued on with our celebration. I didn't want to let knight's lack of action completely destroy our family celebration.

As soon as the kids were in bed, and we were alone, I let knight have it. I let him know exactly how angry and upset I was that he didn't follow through on  his tasks.  I don't like handing down punishments when I'm angry, so I told him that he will receive two punishments. One for not leaving work on time, and the second for not completing his task list.

I've decided that one of his punishments will be to be locked for the first time ever. Maybe if I lock him, it will help him remember just who is in charge, and who's wishes are supposed to take priority.

As for the second punishment, I'm not sure yet. I'm considering having him kneel naked in front of me, and apologize for not completing his task list, then, list reasons why we do flr, and why he is expected to complete his task list every day. Then, leaving him there, on his knees for a bit while I do something else.  After he's been there for about an hour, I'll have him stand, while I lock him in chastity. When that is done, maybe I'll tell him to use his tongue on me until I orgasm before I go to sleep.


  1. For whatever it is worth Ms. Angelique, sounds like suitable punishment to me.

  2. That sounds like good punishment to me too! How about have him kneeling on rice? That adds a level of discomfort :-)

    1. Nah, he has bad knees. Having him get on his knees at all is questionable. In fact, I might have to change the kneeling completely today. He mentioned that his knees are bothering him because it's humid today.

    2. I agree, the rice thing is cruel. Maybe have him stand naked, facing a wall, hands behind his back and holding a penny against the wall with his nose?

  3. I think the most important thing here is to follow thru with exactly what you say you are going to do, whatever it is. Your FLR depends on it. It's just like discipline with a child, if you make threats and don't carry thru, well, you know how that goes. Don't back down. Let him know, in no uncertain terms, that you expect compliance with your directives.



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