Monday, October 31, 2011

It takes a strong man

I've done a lot of reading regarding female-led relationships lately.  I've read blogs and websites from both the man's and woman's perspective. And one thing I have learned is that it takes a strong man who is secure in himself as a man to admit to, and ask for, a female led relationship.

Our society expects all men to fit in one mold. Men are "supposed to be" strong, leaders who act as heads of their households. They are expected to make the decisions and financially support the family while making career their first priority.

But, you know what? Not all men actually *want* that. Some men are perfectly content to follow the lead of the woman they love. For some men, it's the way they express love, trust and devotion.

In my eyes, it takes a stronger man to follow his heart against the grain of society's expectations than it does to try to fit himself into a mold made by others.

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