Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Orgasm control

I am experimenting with orgasm control with my husband. As part of our arrangement he has agreed not to masturbate without my express permission and not to orgasm without my okay.

I don't deny him often -- I happen to enjoy watching him come and usually he gets that release at least 4 times a week. But, sometimes  I enjoy playing and teasing for several days before I allow him to release.

Saturday was one such day. Before we got out of bed Saturday morning I spent a good long time playing with his cock. I used my mouth and hands to bring him almost to orgasm and then stopped for a few minutes to let him calm down. After three or four times of this I told him, to enjoy it because that's all he was getting for now, I was just playing with him. I pulled him close to me and let him play with my nipples for a while. When his raging hard on started to ease I started all over again.

As we were getting up he asked me why I like this game so much. I like this game because I like what it does to his energy. When I keep him going like this he is more attentive to the things and people around him. He's more sensitive when I touch him, too. Plus, the longer I keep him in suspense, the harder and more intense it is for him when I finally let him come. I love watching him get so into the sensations of his body that he loses track of everything else.  He only lets go like that when I play, tease and deny him for a while.


  1. I guess it's easier to trust him not to masturbate if you live with him. Do you now use a device?

  2. I love the tease and denial game. There is no better way to keep them attentive. Awesome blog.



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