Thursday, May 17, 2012

There's a Reason For My Suggestions

The other night I gave my Knight a reading assignment. I sent him two blog links, this one on obedience by I'm Hes, and the one I'm Hers wrote about us asked him to read through QnK a little bit since he's not read any of it yet, and I told him he could read through some of the blogs I follow, AND I told him where to find the list of blogs I follow.

He did that. And then went poking around a little bit and stumbled on some "kink stuff" and scared himself silly. When I got home that night we talked a little. My Knight said he found the reading "interesting." And he was still letting it percolate.

Something about the tone of his voice made me wonder what he'd read so I let him stew overnight and took the conversation to email the next day. Our discussion led me to really question what he read, so I finally asked him "What did you read OTHER than that assignments I gave you?" That's when I found out - he followed one link to another link to yet another link and landed on a BDSM kink blog -- something that I am absolutely not interested in.

He was just  a bit.... nervous would be a good word, LOL. When he finally told me what he'd read I asked him what the heck he was reading, because he didn't get it from the blogs I follow.

That's when I found out: My Knight couldn't remember my password for this account and so instead of reading the blogs I follow, he just kind of randomly followed links from one place to the next.

You know.. I really wanted to pick and choose what he reads on the topic of FLR for a while. While he's comfortable with our arrangement, he's NOT completely comfortable with the language used to describe it, and neither of us are interested in the kink aspect of it. (okay to be fair "kink" is in the eye of the beholder......I suppose light restraints, orgasm denial, watching me with someone else,  and FLR in general could be considered kink by some.) Some of what he read made him pretty uncomfortable. I gave my Knight assigned reading because I was trying to avoid that.

Ah.. well.. lesson learned. He won't go poking into any FLR or D/s blogs  without my approval again.

BTW....  my Knight liked what he read. Your post  inspired my Knight to do quite a bit of thinking about obedience. I hope he writes his thoughts for his blog, because he came to some interesting conclusions.


  1. Mistress Angelique,

    I find the process of blogging therapeutic. A cathartic even. On occasion, letting my thoughts and fantasies drift into creating a short work of fiction is of enjoyment too.

    It is an added bonus that I get to cross paths with kindred souls as yourself and Mr. Im-Hers.



  2. Glad he enjoyed what I wrote. As I've said before, if you want him interacting with another sub, I'd be happy to converse with him vial email. Just let me know if that is your wish Miss Angelique. I have many similar experiences with you guys... words like unit studies, Saxon Math, etc were once a part of my past for many many years. I wish you two well

  3. I would like that. I want to see my Knight become more comfortable with this part of himself, and I think one of the best ways for him to do that is to talk to other guys who have a similar mindset.

  4. If you would like to provide him a second, I will be happy to provide my e-mail as well.

    1. SH..... You are also on my list of guys I'd like to see my Knight talk to. I sent him a link to your latest blog post and told him to comment and say Hi when he gets a chance.

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