Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Punishment Without Guilt

Interesting.. I've been writing about guilt, and thinking about what causes guilty feelings. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I feel that way simply because of ingrained habits and ways of being that I've been taught over the years. That leading my Knight and allowing him to do things for me simply goes against deeply learned habits.

Not such a great reason to feel guilty.

As I was processing all this we had a day where my Knight forgot to do something important, and then tried to keep his mistake from me. He didn't lie outright, but he didn't tell me of his error when he realized. Nor did he try to fix it at the time. I found out a day or two later.. the task still undone, him knowing he had left it undone.  This was a pretty big deal because the task was important. We are getting ready to move, and the forgotten item was something I needed done in preparation for the move.

I was angry with my Knight. I wasn't so angry that he had forgotten the task, it could be made up. I was angry that  he knew he had forgotten it, didn't tell me and didn't make an effort to complete the job.. just let me think it had been done. Our number one rule is complete and absolute honesty at all times.. about every thing. When my Knight is unable to do something, or he forgets, he's supposed to let me know as soon as he realizes there's an issue. I wasn't home when my Knight realized he'd forgotten the task, so he should have sent me a text.

He didn't. And that's why I was angry with him. I was disappointed and hurt that he wasn't honest with me.

For the first time since we started flr, I punished my Knight with something that mattered to him. I told him he was not work on his current fiction writing project for two full days. Now.. this is November.. and November means NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Contest. The goal is to create a work of fiction that is 50,000 words or longer during the month of November. That's 1666 words a day.. and if you miss a day it's really ... really hard to catch up. My Knight and I have each done NaNo every single year for the last seven years. Except this year, my Knight lost two writing days because I told him he was not allowed to touch it.

Know what? He listened. He didn't argue, didn't pout about it, he just stayed away from the computer for those two days.

And.. I don't feel in the least bit guilty.


  1. just whip him.
    its over and done with,
    quick and non disruptive.

  2. You know from time to time I think we all have these feeling of guilt. We may be head of hosue, and mistress to our men, but we were not brought up with the idea that we were destined to rule. It comes easier over time, but being a mistress wife is something that does not comes natually.

    Although I have not talked about it on Femdom 101 it was recently necessary to punish John. It was about something he did wrong whcich he then tried to hide. What I tell my self is that punishment is not intended to harm him. The purpose of punishment is to correct a negative behavior with the idea of making John a better, stonger husband while improving the strength of our flr.

    Punishing a husband when he offends may not make us feel good, but it is an obligation that we assume with a femdom relationship. I also believe that many women reject femdom as a way of life becasue of the obligations that come with it.

    Enjoy your blog so much.

    Love, Kathy

  3. He would enjoy the whipping too much I am sure. Maybe you could tie him hands over his head to a hook in a ceiling, (large closets are best) for 3 or 4 hours. Naked of course, or only wearing panties. That is my wife's favorite punishment for me, and it is effective. She used to tie me up and whip me. One time she saw a large wet spot on the front of the red panties I was wearing as she was whipping my ass with a riding crop. She really got so annoyed saying I had cum without permission and while being punished. I tried to explain it was only pre cum but she said I must have enjoyed the whipping too much for the cum spot to be so large. No more whips.

    Now I must do hours and hours of additional housework, sometimes doing the same job over again 3 times. And getting tied up in my wife's walk in closet. Plus corner time. These are punishments!



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