Saturday, December 1, 2012

Moving Sucks

Moving is a major time suck. Yeah.. that's where I've been for the past many weeks. Packing a household of 8 people is a major undertaking, did  you know that?

Several months ago, my Knight and I decided to from the state we live in to another state for the benefit of his 10 yr old mentally ill daughter. The company my Knight works for just happens to have an office in our chosen state, so he put in for a transfer. The original transfer was denied, but the supervisors suggested he apply for another position at the out-of-state office. So we did that. The first interview went well... the second interview went fantastic. My Knight's local managers said we should start house hunting in the new state. So that's what we did. We started packing, too. Then.. the manager of that office told everyone to hold on a minute..... that office was in the midst of a budget revamp and they were not sure when the hire date would be. We waited... and waited...... and waited. Two months went by, and the out-of-state office was still "looking at the budget." My Knight's immediate supervisor was well aware of the reasons behind our transfer request, and he suggested my Knight put his resume out and see what happened. He even supplied a recruiter contact in the new state. So.. resumes were floated.

Several phone interviews later, my Knight had more than one really good possibility. The position with his current company told him he is at the top of the shortlist of 3 people. But that they will not be filling the position until after the 1st of the year.

Okay.. we thought.. we'll just stay put until after the First. No big deal... Enter our landlord... We lived in a very small town. Somehow our landlord got wind that we were talking about moving. The landlord's 75 yr old sister-in-law is the actual owner of the house we were renting.. and she decided that she wanted to sell the house. Landlord was sorry, but he needed us out in 30 days because his SIL was pretty insistent that she wanted the house on the market before Christmas.... and since we were talking about moving anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal, right?

We explained what was going on and that we wanted to wait until after Knight's company made a decision about the job out of state, which would be a promotion for my Knight. We reminded him about our mentally ill kid, and pointed out all the reasons we wanted to move her from our current state to the state we were considering. He totally understood, and said he would talk to his SIL and see what he could do.

She agreed to wait until March or April if we increased our rent payment by $300 a month. Um.. No. Can't do that... won't do that. So.. our move out date was set for the weekend of Thanksgiving.

The out of state interviews my Knight had up to that point went well. Three different companies wanted to fly him to the other state for in-person interviews. Great. Accept none of them wanted to interview until the week after Thanksgiving, with a decision date after Christmas.

Yeah. That did not work. So..... I found a house we love about 35 minutes from where we used to live and bought it. . We spent Thanksgiving weekend moving. We are now about 10 minutes (with traffic)  from my Knight's office. It used take him about 40 min to get to work each morning.

We are in our new house, surrounded by boxes, but slowly getting things unpacked and put away. There were a few minor glitches, but overall the move went smoothly.

Hopefully I will have more time to pay attention to this blog now.

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