Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Appropriate Punishment?

I need suggestions. My knight is consistently not meeting a couple of goals I have set for him. Overall, it's not entirely his fault, but simply a victim of circumstance kind of thing. My Knight is supposed to work on his writing during the frequent lulls he he as at work. I assign one writing task each week, and it's my expectation that he complete each assigned task over the course of the week. I give him a full week because his downtime at work is pretty unpredictable. During the week he has three full days where he is at home and awake during the day. I have made it known that if his assigned task is not complete, then he needs to let me know so that I can carve out time during those three days for him to write. And that's where the problem lies. He has not been doing that, and his writing tasks have gone undone.

Part of the problem here is that writing is my Knight's dream. He is an amazing fiction writer. But, being the sub that he is, he routinely puts his writing off for other things. I have to assign him writing tasks, and tell him when to do them or his writing simply gets neglected. He's often told me that he writes for me, and he only writes when I tell him, “Go write!” Which I do often because his writing is important to me. Heck, his writing is as important to me as my own is. (yes, we're both published authors)

Since he writes for me and because I believe in his writing when he fails to complete his assigned writing tasks (which are based on the goals I had him write out for this year) he disappoints me. And of course, there needs to be some sort of consequence for that. But it's not a big enough rule infraction to pull a punishment from the punishment bag – some of them are fairly harsh, and I reserve them for serious issues.

I'm considering withholding a cock tease session for every unfinished task, but my concern is that might have unintended emotional consequences for him. My Knight craves my touch on an emotional level. I would actually classify it as an emotional need for him. In his head, if I don't touch him then I must be angry. When he thinks I'm angry with him (whether I am or not) he punishes himself far harsher than I ever would. So I need something that will get the message across that I am displeased but not angry... that I am disappointed and that missing these writing tasks is unacceptable to me, but that I'm still happy with him in general. It also needs to be something that will motivate him to put effort into telling me that he didn't get it done a work and needs time during his days off. ---Motivating enough for him to delay the gratification he gets from attending to my every want, need and whim on his days off and sit down to write instead.

Any ideas?

What about doing the cock tease session, but restraining him so that he can't touch me and then telling him that if he wants to pleasure me, he needs to finish his writing tasks?

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