Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Money and FLR

The other night my knight and I were talking about new bio-medical treatments for Autism. His son has Autism and I have been using Biomed approaches with him since I came into his life 7 years ago. The kid has made wonderful improvements with the supplements, diets and herbs I've tried him on over the years. He's gained speech, motor control, social skills and expressive language skills under my care. I am fine tuning his diet, supplements and other biomed stuff so that he can reach his full potential. I mentioned to my Knight that I wanted to add a few things based on some new research I read. My Knight didn't object to the additions except for the cost.

We've been on a pretty tight budget these last 3 years because my Knight was laid off from his programming job and ended up stuck working tech support. I have nothing against working tech support, but there is a substantial difference in the pay scales between tech support and database programming. And we went from the mid to high end of the programmer pay scale to the low mid end of the tech support scale. It's only been very recently that my Knight returned to programming, and the higher pay scale. So, his objections based on money were understandable, but no longer relevant. After arguing for a few minutes over spending the extra money on this, I turned to look at him. "You are no longer responsible for the budget, remember? I took that over when we started FLR, so unless you have an objection to the approach, I'm doing this and the money I spend on it is not your concern."

My Knight just kind of looked at me and sighed. Later he tried to explain that he didn't mean that he didn't want me to make the changes, just that he was worried about spending the extra money. Every penny has counted over the last 3 years and things have been really tough. He's having a hard time breaking out of that mindset. Okay, fair enough. But.. again I reminded him that he doesn't have to worry about it, because it's not up to him anymore.

You know... he seemed sort of relieved.


  1. I like the way you lead your relationship. You seem both loving yet quite firm. The financial decisions that are now yours to run as you see fit will build trust in your husband as he sees you responsibly handle your income - even if he might choose to spend a portion of it differently. Stay firm. It will be interesting to read how you two interact in a years time of living this way. Take care.

  2. I do have a request Angelique, As you can see whenever I write on another blog my 'I'm Hers' is expressed as "I'm-Hers" with the added gibberish. Does your husband know how I can get rid of this? I don't know how it got there and don't know where to look in the set up pages to find and edit these characters out. If he can help, please comment on my blog directly so I don't miss any expertise he can share. Thanks so much.

    1. I have written several books on Google products (but I won't say which ones for obvious reasons), so I can probably answer your question. But, I think getting my husband talking to an FLR involved guy or two is good idea. I'll let him know you could use his help.

    2. Thanks. I'd love to chat with him if he would enjoy that.



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