Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Thoughts on Chasity Devices

I've thought about locking my Knight. Sometimes I like the idea. I've even gone "window shopping" for a device online. The thought of restricting access to his cock so that the only sensations he feels are those which I allow is interesting. I find myself wondering how he'd react. How his actions would change if I asked him to lock it up for me.

 But I also like knowing that he maintains chastity because I require and expect it. It's a huge turn on to know that he's unlocked and free to do as he wants, but that out of love and respect for me he won't.

At the same time I've read blogs written by quite a few guys who enjoy their devices, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I talked to one guy for quite a while. He told me that he would feel like he was missing something important if his wife was not his keyholder. It seems that a lot of guys feel that way.

I guess part of my reluctance is that I'm just not sure how my Knight would react. He's still not comfortable and open with talking about his submissive tendencies. Or.. he's not aware of them to the same extent that I am. He honestly does not see how he is different than most other guys, and he doesn't understand guys who are NOT submissive to their wives. In my Knight's head it's simply the way it's supposed to be- a guy should follow his wife/girlfriend's lead because that's his role to protect her and make sure she's happy.

Given that, he's probably wear a device if I asked him to. But I'm not intrigued by the idea to push the issue. I trust him not to play alone, so there's no real need to make him wear a device.

If my Knight ever brings up the subject, or seems interested in being locked, I will get him a device. Probably not a CB, though. I don't like the way they look, even though I do like the idea of his cock being completely encased and blocked from all sensation except what I provide and allow. I don't know.. maybe one of these days I'll try it and see how he responds.


  1. Mistress Angelique,

    Lots of guys choose to forgo enforced chastity and their wives/girlfriends also do not force the issue. Mr. Rene of the ‘Tamara in Trouble’ blog is one that readily comes to mind.

    Every relationship is different. You are the leader and best suited to make decisions. My wife has a saying, 'The only one who knows the stew is the spoon who stirs it'.

    For me, I have a past of habitual masturbation. Frequency was about five times per week for as long as memory serves. Perhaps more during adolescence. I find I am simply unable to make it past the three week mark, no mater how much effort I put into it. It is something I just have to be honest about. Also, I find I behave much better while kept chaste. As a result, I am one of the sad cases for who a chastity device is really needed. My wife use to decide every night if I could have an orgasm when we first started our WLM. That kind of pattern, I can maintain an honor system. I found through a lot of trial and error with increases in chastity duration that it does lack the effects of prolonged chastity I have now grown to appreciate. When on prolonged chastity, I am simply more content in my submissive role, while in a state of continued sexual frustration. Just last night, I made out with my wife and got to second base. It was wonderful. Today, I am going to clean the bathrooms before going to work.

    Prolonged chastity is something I find tremendously helpful, but as you say, if your husband is frightened by the concepts of such overt submission, then by all means you are the best to make such decisions. It is almost universally expected for there to be some form of sexual disparity in the relationship. Ken & Emily Addison speak well to these basic principles in their Around Her Finger website and book.

    Speaking from my own experience and those of many I have corresponded with, prolonged chastity is a very helpful tool for a dominant woman to use in helping her submissive truly enjoy his subservient state to her. To my mind, it is a gift she can give to him. It does take time to come to that realization though and only you are really best able to decide when and if that day should ever come. As a trial, I often recommend to try to increase his chastity cycle to a three week mark, by first taking him to a week chaste, give him one orgasm, and then ten days. From there work up to the three week mark as you see fit. I think you and he would find at three weeks there is a feeling of contentment he has as a result. If he is able to do so w/o a chastity device, then by all means that is just something available for fun if it so tickles your fancy. If he is somewhat like me, it may be a helpful tool to help him make it to the longer chastity cycles.

    Take care. Thank you for the post.



  2. Angelique,
    Should you take that path of chastity with your husband I would think it would help him identify more with his submissive side. There is no getting around that 'he' will be different once the key is locked. He won't want to use the urinal. He will have a constant reminder that there is something gently squeezing his genitals. When he has an erection he will be reminded all the more and the fact that he won't be able to take it off when the desire comes is a powerful reminder that you are the one now in charge of a part of him he has never given fully to you. I know he is an honorable man but putting a chastity device on him will bring that to an entirely different level.



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