Monday, April 30, 2012

A Permitted Release

I let my Knight release Saturday morning. Well... actually I didn't so much as "let him" as I did push him right over the edge. My mistake. I had spent the previous hour or so teasing him unrelentingly before our alarm went off. When the alarm went off I stopped and reminded him we really did need to get up if we were going to attend our event. I curled up with him for about 15 minutes to give him a chance to recover from our playtime. Then, I called time to get up, but before he could move I gave him one more quick tease. I really only intended to make him hard again before I got dressed. But it was too much for him. To his credit he did try to hold back, but just couldn't do it. I made an attempt to stop it by pulling his balls down,away from his body and putting my thumb at the base of his cock, but it was pretty obvious to me that he was going to cum anyway. The best I could have done at that point was ruin it. And, somehow a ruining his orgasms just aren't as much fun for me. I love denying his orgasms.. love watching him struggle so hard to keep from releasing and I love watching him surrender to the sensations coursing though his body when he cums.  So I let him enjoy it fully.

It had only been a week and I was aiming for 4, but that's okay. It's another opportunity for me to practice the art of not pushing him over the edge.

The longest he's gone is 3 weeks. I have an ultimate goal in mind, but I won't mention it here because my Knight does occasionally read my blog and he does better when he does not know  how long it will be until the next orgasm. I've found that when he has an idea of how long he'll be denied he doesn't seem to enjoy the process as much and he gets moody, pouty and just a tad pushy. But when he has no idea if he'll get to cum or not he's much more content with his orgasm denial.

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