Monday, April 30, 2012

Ring Shopping!

Yesterday after church and family obligation were out of the way I put the 16 yr old in charge of the younger kids,  grabbed my Knight and we went shopping for his ring. I found exactly what I was looking for on a the website of a local store. I could have ordered it on-line and surprised him, but I had trouble getting his ring size. I tried to measure my Knight's finger while he was sleeping but the measurement didn't seem right. He has long slender fingers - around here we call those "piano player fingers" - and the size I got by measuring was the same as my ring size. My fingers are short and thicker.. I knew there was absolutely no way we have the same ring size. So, I drug him along and figured I'd surprise him. The idea was to go buy the ring and then head to our favorite private park area for a short, but meaningful ring presentation.

The store in question does not carry mens' rings in size 7.( I told you he has slender hands.) They have to be special ordered. So, at my Knight's request we drove to SIX different stores looking for a man's celtic marriage knot ring in size 7. Every jewelry store we went to carried the ring or something very similar  - NONE had it in a size 7. According to the various sales people, the average ring size for a man is a 9, so almost no one stocks mens rings in smaller than an 8.

This is a petty unamazing story.. until you realize that my Knight is not a shopper.  He loses his patience quickly when we don't find what we're looking for in the second store. After the second store, he's ready to give it up and order the item on-line. Actually, he's prefer if we made on-line shopping our first and only stop when looking to purchase any item.  Except yesterday. He was excited and happy that I was buying him a ring that represented my acceptance of his submission to me... a token that showed the world he belongs to me. My Knight was the driving force behind our several hour trek to various stores around town looking for that ring in a size 7.  We turned up nothing. It seems nobody in town carries that ring in size 7.  It was getting late and even the mall was closed, so our search came to an end. My sweet Knight tried to hide it, but he was so obviously disappointed. I was incredibly touched by his excitement when I told him where we were going, and by his disappointment of not finding it. 

I told him I'd  order it on-line this morning, but my Knight asked if I'd wait and check just one more place before we order on-line because he'll get it faster that way. I don't think this store will have it either, but I'm willing to check while I'm out today because he's just so happy and excited about this. If I don't come home with his ring today I'll order it on-line tonight. 


  1. Really sounded like a wonderful time you two had together.


    Even though the goal was not done, you two had a lot of one-on-one time, which is what he said he really wants anyway.

  2. We did have a great time. It was fun shopping something so common as a ring, knowing that simple item holds a deep meaning for us. I don't know if that makes sense, but we had a great afternoon.

  3. Angelique,
    I found your account of the ring shopping fascinating. I hadn’t read the previous posts until after I had read this one but soon realized that the ring shopping was for him and that it was to be a ‘ring of submission’ that you were seeking. As a man that tends to keep his feelings close to his chest what interested me most was the revelation of those feelings by the very nature that he wanted to keep looking. Yes it was time alone with you but based on your comment about his shopping impatience, this alone time was definitely more than that. It was a desire to acquire something that he wanted – something to wear that demonstrated his ownership by you.
    I’m not telling you what to do but I will say that if you read so many blogs that describe men wanting more from their wives than what they are giving (eg. At All Times blog, Love your Wife blog, etc) that the most powerful tool a woman has is controlling a man’s psyche – his mind. I would dare say that your husband wants more. Look how he loves you denying him especially when he doesn’t know when you will next let him cum. (mind control). Look how he responds when you took ownership of your marriage, it improved dramatically (mind control). Your husband is a submissive man whether he wants to believe it or not. That is a wonderful thing that he should be proud of and embrace.
    Whether you want to go there and press for greater submission is up to you but if you want to take control and make him into the man you desire him to be, then that is your choice – in fact your responsibility. Read Femdom 101. It oozes with Kathy’s love for her husband John, yet there is no doubt that Kathy controls Johns mind. She controls him with the snap of her finger, the nod of her head, small things. In a way, you might think John is a dog yet he is not. He is just a man that is owned – and loved.
    I look forward to reading your posts in the months ahead. I will offer this, if your Knight wishes to converse with another sub I will share my email with him. Just let me know.

    1. I think you're dead on about the ring shopping. I'm looking forward to presenting my Knight with his ring this weekend.I'm going to ask my Knight to start his own blog fairly soon. I think participating in the community here will help him understand himself and his desires a bit better. When we get his blog set up, I will let you know. Thank you for your sweet offer. :-)



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