Tuesday, July 2, 2013


My last question to my knight   posed around 10 am today... "Name one thing that we could add or do that would make the flr arrangement for fun... or more fulfilling for you.?

It is now 9 hours later.. he's home from work, and I reminded him that he's not answered yet. "Yeah. I know. I haven't forgotten. I honestly don't know."

I hope, for his sake he comes up with something before 10am tomorrow....


  1. Dear Angelique, it is disappointing to hear knight's lack of contributing response. Allowing eight hours for work, and hour at home should be sufficient for an answer. During dinner, I suggest you ask one more time. If his response is not complete, I suggest you prime the pump over the next day or two.

    The is a blog "Slave2MyWife" on Blogger. There is a list of good references You might review. One is "Innovative list of slave chore ideas". You might print out the list and place it in front of knight with the directive; "you have 10 minutes to select starting ideas. If you do not select, then I will". knight will either participate or live with Your selected actions.

    You might also look at the following sites; "aboutFLR.com"; "Female-Led-Marriage.com", or "eliseutton.com". You may find them helpful.

    There are many more if You search or others pass on their recommendations. There are links to each of these sites on My blog.

    I am sorry, but I do not remember if knight wears panties. If not, I would have her go to work in panties tomorrow. Her day will be spent thinking about her answer when she gets home. I do believe boys cannot resist the power of panties.

    Press on, both of you will be happy You took full control.

    Stay strong - Stay in control


    Mistress Barbara and
    sissy maid k

  2. I'm sorry but your husband is a complete knob. He doesn't deserve such an understanding wife who is more than willing to explore and communicate about, what for most couples, is a difficult and often one-sided affair.

    It's certainly not clear to me whether your husband actually wants a FLR. There are so many men out there that would give anything to have such a sympathetic and understanding wife as you. It's a shame your husband doesn't appreciate you....!!!

  3. I have to commend you on such a valiant effort on your part to engage your Knight. I can tell you really love him. You need to find a way to really get his attention and tell him he needs to communicate. He needs to realize your whole relationship could be at stake here. If he fails you on this, maybe you need to tell him you need a couple of days away to think about the relationship. He's needs to realize this is important to you and not a one-sided deal. I wish you the best.

  4. Your blog is very well-written and seemingly a very honest accounting of what you are experiencing. It isn't easy, is it? The FLR thing.

    I am in an flr with my wife. I believe that I am committed to it much more so than my wife thinks at this stage. She exerts a lot of control and authority. She struggles with some of the kinds of issues you do. I sometimes have difficulty communicating what I want out of an flr, and I have difficulty adjusting to what her vision of it is. I don't think this is an excuse for his not answering your question- he has to do the work of communicating. But there are times I feel like saying - hey let's just have a happy marriage rather than all the labels and rules etc of an flr. Because sometimes it doesn't seem like it's worth the effort.

    I am rambling, so I will stop and wish you all the best.


  5. Angelique,

    We all have an inner voice and I encourage you to listen to your own. I think your approach is perfect for your relationship.

    Sometimes I have the same issue with my wife: it is not that the issue is not important to her. It is just that she takes longer to formulate a better response (than I would ever have) to a question.




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