Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rolling the Dice Tonight

My knight has to roll two 20 sided dice tonight. He got carried away last night and came without permission while we were having sex. I didn't say anything about it last night, but this morning as we were getting ready for church I casually told him, "You're going to have to roll the dice tonight."  He said he knew. 

When he has an orgasm without my permission he has to roll two 20 sided dice. The result of the die roll tells him two things - 1. how many days before I will even consider allowing  him to orgasm again, and 2. how many times he must bring me to orgasm before I will let him come.  Both conditions have to be met for him to have any chance at all of release, and just because the conditions are met, does automatically mean I'll let  him come.  If I think the rolled number is to low, I reserve the right to multiply it by 10.

I find myself wondering if he was testing me to see if I'd give him any consequences if he came without permission last night. I guess I'll find out tonight when we talk about it. 


  1. What will happen if he slips up again before the two are met?

  2. The last time he slipped up the single dice roll was enough of a reminder to last several months. But, the penalty for slipping before both conditions are met is that I take his original die roll numbers and multiply them by 5. Then, I add that number to whatever is remaining on the original die roll. He gets no cock play at all until the both conditions are met with the new numbers.

    In 2 years, we've never had to go that far, and I don't think he's going to start now.

  3. Ms Angelique, I was reading one of your recent posts - the one where your husband was delaying in deciding if he wanted a FLR or not. I immediately thought, when he delayed that his answer was obviously 'no' due to his hesitation. Then I thought back to when you mentioned how he doesn't like to think of himself as being 'submissive' that he didn't like that word.

    I'm wondering if the root cause of many of your issues is his underlying subconscious resistance to submitting - even though he knows that he functions better being told - but not led - as being told helps de-stress his day and enables him a more clear direction in getting things done on time and to the best of his ability. I may be totally off track but I do think there is some kind of link between the two. Consider as well his reaction to being submissive and that of myself, subservient husband, Locked Husband, At All times and so many other men that write on these blogs. They love being thought of as submissive. Why then is your Knight not like them? What is he afraid of? What causes the resistance or tension when you refer to him as such? Just some thoughts to ponder cause I know that you just have loads of free time to think about this and nothing else in your carefree life :) Have a great week.

    1. I think my answer to this requires its own blog post, or maybe even several.

      It's questions exactly like the ones you're asking that have been haunting me since we started this. These same kinds of questions are what led me several times to think that maybe he really doesn't want all this. Over the last 2 years of so, I have dissolved the power arrangement, trashed the rules, and gone back to something resembling 50/50. Each time he's taken it as a punishment, asking me "Why are you doing this to me?" After a few weeks I go back to flr because he is driving me, and everyone else in the house nuts.

      I think I'll tackle each of these questions, one by one in separate blog posts over the next week or so.

    2. Oh..and just to mention it.. I don't use the word "submissive" or "dominant" with my knight anymore. He seems to have a mental block against both of them. Instead, I remind him that he's "mine", and that "I expect" this or that.. When we're talking specifically about the power dynamic I'll say either "flr stuff" or "under the flr" or "under the agreement" or .. something like that.

      He loves it when I remind him that he is mine -- he belongs to me, but argues if I call him my submissive.

  4. Just one short comment. Please accept my apology to for harping on male chastity all the time, but the reason I mention it over and over is this. While locked in my device, I think about my spouse all the time, what I can do for her, how I can make her life easier. The device serves as a constant reminder that I am to put her needs first, in and out of the bedroom. I get the feeling, based on some of your posts, that your Knight is not thinking this way all the time. He may not be to this point yet. Guess that's why I feel so strongly that MC complements a FLR. Okay, nuff said. I promise not to mention it again and keep my comments to other areas. Have a great week! Love your Blog!

    1. There's no need to apologize. I don't mind your comments on male chastity. I welcome all comments, and suggestions. Ideas are good.. They keep me thinking, and THAT is always a good thing.

      I started to explain why I don't consider a chastity device for my knight, and it turned into a fairly long response.. so I'm turning it into a blog post..



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