Thursday, July 25, 2013

Things Are Smooth

I've been busy reorganizing my writing and the kids' homeschool schedules. It's time for us to move from our summer routine to our "school year" routine. We don't follow the school schedule, but I do vary the number of subjects the kids complete based on the weather. When it's nice out, we do less book work and more things out in the community. I do an evaluation of our routines, record keeping methods and curriculum two or three times each year. When I re-evaluate the homeschool program I also do an eval of my business routines and goals. That's really what takes up a lot of time. I lay out both my business goals, my writing goals, and my knight's writing goals for the next 3-5 months and create a written plan that keeps us both more or less on track.

And.. that's where I've been for the last few days-- buried in goal evaluation. It takes a good bit of thought and energy to plan out how I want things to look for the next 3-5 months. On top of that, I'm still homeschooling the kids and doing my regular day's work. So.. it doesn't leave a lot of time to ponder all things FLR.

Things with my knight are running smoothly. We seem to have fallen into routine again, though. It happens when things get busy, but at least this time I'm aware of it. He's done a good job this time of doing what's expected even though routines have taken over.  He deserves a reward for that -- I think tonight is a good time to do something different.

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