Friday, February 13, 2015


...... but not in my knight.

No, it's the US mail system this time. I ordered knight's chastity device 29 days ago, and it still is not here. Order tracking tells me it was supposed to be here at the latest on Feb 12.  Yes, I realize that was only yesterday, but despite my initial reluctance to order the darned thing, now that I have, I'm mildly excite to play with it.  Originally, I had hoped it would be here by the 11th, so I could give it to my knight for our anniversary. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will arrive tomorrow for Valentine's Day.  I had hoped it would get here on a day he's at work, so I have time to put the key on a chain and figure out how to put the thing on him before he got home.  (okay, don't laugh too much. I'm sure it's not difficult, but I'd rather not fumble with it)

If it's in the mail on Saturday then he'll wonder what's in the box, and he still has no idea I ordered it.

At this point, though, I wish it would just get here already.


  1. You tube has a couple we lokked at when we received the cb 6000. Get a bag of frozen peas too! When i put it on him the first time, he kept getting hard

  2. So excited for you (and him) for it to arrive. This will have a profound positive impact on the struggles you've had lately. Do cave on how long you decide for him to wear it after he gets used to it.

  3. Mistress Angelique, it would appear that postal services world wide over promise and under deliver. Fingers crossed for a delivery tomorrow. DtBHC.

  4. I wish I could talk to your knight .I am a male sub to and your knight should be so thankful that you to try a flr life that he should be kissing your feet every night in thanks . what he as forgeten its all about flr is the QUEEN and making the queens life as happy and pleasant as possible you should just snap your finger he should come running just like a well trained dog. I just stared reading your post and your very nice you just need to get your servent to obey you at all times the male chastity will help but make sure its secure because us male subs a very horney and some can come in it so becareful yours can not . once you can get that under your totel control your servent will be more helpful and should jump when you talk and kneel at your feet for hours your the QUEEN HE NEED TO MASSAGE YOUR FEEET MASSAGE YOUR BODY DO ALL THE HOUSE WORK AND EVERY CHORE AS YOU JUST SNAP YOUR FINGERS . that is what it should be like and you should control every thing in his like as a male sub my self the more controlling the rmistress is the better. her slave will server



Knight has a thing for body piercings. I have a couple piercings that he gets to play with and take photos of when he's been really good...