Friday, April 3, 2015

Chastity Device..

I did not get to carry out my knight's planned punishment last night. Kid issues, and a called-at-the-last-minute-meeting got in the way.  I wanted to put the device on him as soon as he got home from work at 6pm, and make him wear it until we went to sleep, around 1 am- for a total of about 7 hours, but I had to leave to make the meeting as soon as he got home. There was no time, and since it would have been his very first time in a device, I wanted to put it on him, instead of simply giving it to him, and telling him to put it on.  When I got home, it was after 9pm. When I got home, there was a kid issue to deal with.  I didn't think 3 hours in the device was long enough.

So.. I try again tonight.


  1. Good luck in finding the time to put him in chastity tonight. You are right that three hours isn't enough time. And a good idea to increase his time in chastity so eventually he sleeps in the device and feels strange when he isn't locked in. Being locked should be the new normal for him.


  2. Agree with Florida Dom. You need to have a loose plan to increase his time in the device each time. In addition, you need to steel yourself to resist all the whining, complaining, and begging to unlock than will invariably come. Standing firm is necessary given the reason you are using the device. Make it clear that asking, begging, demanding to be unlocked means a longer time in the device, period. Trust me, he will eventually get used to it I suspect both of you will be glad you did it. However, It may take much longer than you think.



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