Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Knight Will Be Punished Tonight.

Yesterday one of the tasks on knight's list was to supervise the 14 yr old in doing his afternoon chore.  That didn't happen. In fact the kid's chore didn't happen. So, this morning the kid had to complete the chore under my supervision before he could start his homeschooling day. (We have a house rule that says, "tomorrow needs finished before you can start today")

But, it took that 14 yr old over 90 minutes to complete the chore because he spent more time whining, crying and tossing things than he did working on the chore. Because I had to be in the same room directly supervising him, I was unable to complete the chores I needed to do this morning.

Knight will have to complete them all this evening while I'm at choir practice. Plus, his writing assignment is due to me today before we go to bed. He's supposed to finish that while I'm at choir practice, too. I'm not sure how he's going to get everything done while at the same time, doing the "dad thing", and doing our typical household bedtime routines with the kids,  but that's not my problem.

In addition to not supervising the kid, knight did not show me how much he had written towards his writing assignment last night. That was also on his list for yesterday.

So, after the kids are in bed, knight will be punished for both list omissions.

For the first, he will have to stand facing the wall in our bedroom, without moving for the time it would have taken the 14 yr old to do his chore last night -- roughly 30 minutes. While he's standing there, facing the wall, I will probably sit on our bed and read.

I'm not sure what his punishment for the second list omission will be. I haven't given it much thought yet. I do know that if the assignment is not complete by the time I get home from choir this evening, I will tie him to the overhead hook I had him install a few weeks ago, and leave him there if 30 minutes. This will be in addition to the above punishment.

What irritates me even more is that when I said something to him about it this morning, he tried to make excuses , "We got home late, then I made that phone call (to his daughter), and then we did book time. There was no time."  Yes, there was - and besides, I told him several days ago that I no longer care WHY something does not get done. One small point to his credit, he did offer to call in late to work to do the chore himself. I refused to allow it. I don't allow him to go in late to work for stuff like this.

He could have, and should have done it last night. We stopped book time early because my oldest called. Knight could have had the 14 yr old complete his afternoon chore while the other kids were on the phone with my oldest.

More of the same from him. I feel like things will never change.


  1. I love your enthusiasm now Ms. Angelique and speaking from a submissive husband's perspective, please be sure that you follow through with whatever punishment is in order. Consistency is the thing that will help abate the things that "irritate" you. An irritated Mistress, whatever the reason, is not a good thing ... ever, let alone often.

    1. It's not enthusiasm. I've finally realized that things are not going to change unless I force them to change. I am not happy feeling like I can't trust my knight. We used to be best friends, now, I share very little with him that is not kid related. I miss him. I miss what we used to have, and we're in danger of losing it completely. This is a last ditch attempt at making him understand the damage he has done, and getting him to fix it.

  2. One thought might be to have him stay up until he gets his assignment done. Then let him go to bed. There may not be enough time for him to write but he could write after his punishments are through assuming he didn't get it done beforehand. Keep on keeping on..... and btw, is the saying "tomorrow needs finished before you can start today" or should it be "yesterday needs finished......." :) Gosh you are one frazzled woman!

    1. LOL, yeah.. it should have been "yesterday needs finished before you can start on today." It's been one of those days.

      As for making knight stay up until tasks are finished- I used to do that. But he wasn't getting up on time, which made him late for work. He has a 40- 45 minute drive one way, which means he has to get out of the house on-time. What he should be doing is using the time between when the kids go to bed, and when we go to bed to finish his task list if he needs to. Kids go to bed at 930p. We typically go to bed between midnight and 1 am. That gives him 2 1/2 hours to finish things if he needs them. He doesn't use that time to complete his tasks. He is supposed to check his task list when the kids go to be. He usually doesn't.

  3. I really commend your herculean effort at getting Knight on track. I just hope he fully realizes what is at stake given his behavior. Whichever way it turns out, one can never say you didn't try and do everything possible to make it work. Sorry to hear the chastity device didn't fit. I would like to think it could have been a positive. I am hopeful for you and Knight!



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