Monday, December 31, 2012

More On Chastity Devices

I am considering buying my Knight a chastity device. A year ago, I was completely against the idea because I expect him to follow my rules about masturbation simply because they are my rules. To the best of my knowledge, he has never broken those rules. Or at least not in the last 5 years or so. I suspected he had taken matters into his own hands once, several years ago. I made it very clear how I felt about it, and he hasn't done it since. The only unauthorized orgasms I'm concerned about are those "oops" that happen when I'm teasing him, and of course, a device won't change those.

So.. why am I considering a device? My devious little mind has decided it might be fun to keep him locked when he's at work, or otherwise away from me. It could be fun to send him emails at work about how I'm going to unlock him him when he gets home to play for a bit, and then lock him back up  without release. I send him teasing emails pretty regularly, and if he were locked it would give me one more way to tease and play. I like the idea him having a constant reminder of my control over him. Yes, he wears a ring, but it's not the same.

My only hesitation is that we've not talked about it much, and I'm not sure how to bring the topic up. My Knight is still a bit uncomfortable talking about his being submissive to me, and even though he likes orgasm denial, he's not up to discussing that, either. I'm probably going to buy him one and surprise him with it. I'll present it as a game I want to try, just like I did orgasm denial. We'll experiment with it and see what he thinks about being locked.

So... that leads me to my next question... what would you recommend as a first device? I know a lot of people like the CB6000, but I'm not looking to spend a whole lot of money on an experiment. Any suggestions?   Any suggestions on how to size it? My Knight's cock is a bit bigger than average, is there a certain device that's better for larger sizes?


  1. I think you are doing the right thing to consider chastity. From experience, I can tell you it is nothing short of amazing what being locked up does to the male mind. I recommend broaching the subject during a teasing session when he is highly aroused and will agree to most anything.

    For the first timer, I would recommend the CB 6000S(S for short)assuming it will fit him. Consult for help deciding on the longer or shorter version. This device is a good learning device. He will have to learn how to maintain hygiene and manage daily activities in the device. No small task. He will need a good moisturizing lotion such as Aveeno to allow his penis full movement inside the tube.

    Also, I invite you and your husband to join us at There is a wealth of information on male chastity there mostly by couples. They have a special hidden forum for keyholders only. Feel free to ask any and all questions. People there are friendly folks and non-judgemental. One last thing, there are a lot of cheap chinese made copies of the CB series devices out there for sale on the market at Ebay and other places. Just be careful and buy from a reputable seller who will warranty it.

  2. Angelique, I would agree that chastity is an amazing tool for the male mind. Regarding what to get, I have been in the 6000 (it broke after a year) but it's about $150. It's relatively comfortable but Katie put me in a Jailbird, by maturemetal and it was a world of difference in comfort. It costs about twice as much but all the devices by this company allows you to size both the retaining ring as well as the cage size to get a truly custom fit. I wrote a post on my experience here: and in that post is a link that I'd advice you to read. I was able to get into a short device and its quite comfortable. The author of the link has lots of good advice that I think you would find helpful. I wish you well. Happy New Year!

  3. Ms Angelique,
    It’s probably a great idea to introduce a chastity device in your relation. Maybe your knight is uncomfortable discussing his submission only because he wants you to make all the decisions.
    If so, he should welcome your initiative. A chastity device is a powerful psychological tool in a femdom relationship. Chastity without a device is his gift to you, chastity with a device is your taking control of your property.
    While I’m also put in a Jailbird and while I agree that it’s much more comfortable than a plastic device; I would recommend you to start with a CB6000. It’s definitely cheaper, and it comes with 5 base rings of different sizes; allowing you to find out what really is your knight’s custom fit.
    Personally, I’ve started out with a pretty large base ring and gradually downsized; such adjustments are more difficult to make with a steel device.

  4. Ms Angelique,

    i have experience with the CB-6000 as well. i would recommend it as the introductory device, because it is relatively inexpensive, effective and can be considered a toy for play. It does have a few negatives with respect to comfort, so continuous wearing could be an issue. my longest stretch was eight days without removal.

    If Knight responds well, you can step up to a more serious device. i also think you could work extended denial into improved compliance with your wishes (e.g. timely light bulb changes).


  5. Mistress Angelique,

    I actually think the surprise and accompanying fear of presenting it to him without having previously talked to him about it may be just as much fun. This would be a shock for him and fun for you.

    As to which kind, there are pro's and con's. I have been locked in a CB6000's (the "s" is for "small"). I also continuously wear a KSD-G3. This causes a slight ache in response to prolonged erections as well as prevent what some men claim as a slip out problem with the CB-6k series.

    Stainless steal really can not be beat. I wear the CB-6ks because I am locked all the time and I can pass through metal detectors.

    I would say though if your husband can comply with your request to not orgasm, there is really no need for a chastity device in the traditional sense. This is not the case with me. I am only able to remain chaste on the honor system at most 3 weeks. Sadly, I am one of the men who need a chastity device. If your husband is not, it is just a novelty device for you to enjoy as a T&D toy.

    There is a bit of a transition to wearing one. I do not think it wise to lock him and then send him off to work. Instead, I would suggest several weekends first until you and he find a combination of sizes that work for him. I have a link in my resource section if you are looking for help here.


    P.S.- Happy New Year

  6. I don't have much to offer about the type of device although I think Jay has a CB6000. When I have locked him I have used the numbered disposable locks as we are not always together and since during the week he is 5 hours away I don't want to keep the keys with me, but the numbered locks are lighter than a padlock and there is no way to tamper with it.

    I think that chastity may actually be the very best thing for your hubby who seems to constantly struggle with things. It is essentially locking up his cock and making it your sole property, even if he isn't cheating behind your back playing with it, it is an entirely different mindset for him to know that he absolutely could not even if he wanted to, it may change his entire frame of mind to being more pleasing and submissive and it may be the missing link that would help unite you both in the WLM better. I say lock him up for a month and see if there is a big change or not. Maybe let him out for teasing but no cumming or oopsing allowed, and then lock him back up. When you unlock him to wash or shave his genitals watch him so he definitely feels no privacy at all concerning your property.

  7. I started with a cb6000 but it cracked. Money was a concern since my wife doesn't think it's worth it, not because we can't afford it. I opted for a steel jailbird device I bought from the UK. It has 3 ring sizes and fits great! If you are just playing around and metal detectors are not a concern, skip the cb6k and get a cheap steel one from the UK to start. I spent $40 including shipping and I am very pleased with it!

  8. Don't waste your time or money with a plastic chastity device. May I suggest a metal device from mature metal and attach a dl 2000 to it



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