Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Results Of Our Game

So.. our game went well the other night. Or, as well as it could have gone considering the rule that came up in the roll.

My Knight rolled a 2. Rule 2 states:
We are partners in everything, but I  am in charge of, and hold final decision making and authority on all things. I will always listen to, and value your opinion, but the final decision is mine. 

Of course, that is the basis of any Dominant/submissive relationship. So it didn't leave much room for discussion. I asked my Knight how he felt about Rule 2. He looked at me and shrugged, "Isn't that the whole point?"

LOL, well.. yeah. We talked about how he thought it was going since we reinstated the flr, and how he felt handing all control over to me. There wasn't much new to say - we've talked this one to death, but he did try.  So, my Knight earned his reward. We're going to repeat this game once or twice each month as a way to review the rules and help keep either of us from falling into autopilot.

And.. for this evening I offered up a new challenge: Write 1000 words this evening on his current WIP, and earn an hour or longer tease session tonight. No chance of release.... just teasing and playing.

Personally, I enjoy subjecting my Knight to long tease sessions. I love watching him squirm and struggle not to release without permission. A few months ago, he asked me to stop the extended, intense teasing because it irritated and frustrated in a not so great way. But... recently he's realized that he misses the attention, the increased sensitivity, and the tease time itself. So, I think we're both looking forward to him making his word count tonight.


  1. Damn, an hour+ tease. That is quite a treat. I would be one drippy, pre-cumy, mush-brain, submissive after an hour+. A very nice treat indeed.

    1. In case you're wondering, my Knight made his word count in the allotted time. Unfortunately I had an attack of major dizziness while he was out with the kids. I was still recovering when we went to bed last night. Actually, I'm still recovering now. So, I gave him and IOU on the tease. Hopefully I'm feeling better by tonight.

  2. What a neat idea this game is, as I too feel it is important to take a time out here and there and re evaluate/discuss rules etc to make sure things are still working as we wish. I hope that the next time you do this it comes to a rule that your Knight can get into a good deep open discussion with you about.



Knight has a thing for body piercings. I have a couple piercings that he gets to play with and take photos of when he's been really good...