Friday, January 16, 2015

Chasity Devices

So, I'm shopping for chasity devices. I don't like the look of the plastic ones like the CB3000. I'm looking at the metal, Jailbird type. I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on his first device because at this point, this is only an experiment. So, I'm considering and off-brand, called Jailhouse. If he responds well to it, and if I can deal with having him locked up, then I'll upgrade to an actual Jailbird from Mature Metal. But, right now, for my current purposes, a $30 Jailhouse will serve well.

Does anyone have experiences they can share about the Jailhouse? Anything I should be aware of before I buy? My knight is larger than typical in both length and girth, so, I want to be sure the device I'm buying is big enough. I know that the Jailbird is customizable, but really, I'm not prepared to spend over $300 on an experiment.

 I'm still not thrilled with the idea of locking him. I love that he follows my no masturbation rule simply because I request it. There has never been a problem with him following that particular rule. (yes, I am absolutely confident). But, since he didn't object to the idea, I'm going to give this a try. Besides, having him wear a chastity device will push the issue of communication. We will have to talk about it several times a day so I can check on how he's doing with it. It will force him to communicate a bit more. Anything that gets him talking to me is a good thing. 

I will give it 3 months of regular use. If after 3 months, I hate the thing, it goes away. I'll start slowly. The day it comes in the mail, I'll have him put it on when he gets home from work, and wear it until we go to bed. I'll do that until that weekend, and then increase his time wearing it over the weekend, so that in a few days he can wear it to work.

I have one question.. we participate in LARPing.. fighting with foam swords. Should I allow him to wear the device while fighting, or will it cause increased pain if he takes a shot to the groin while wearing the device. He has a cup, but never wears it for LARPing.

Okay.. I have another question. Will a jailhouse be visible under slacks if he doesn't typically doesn't wear underwear?

Yes, both of these questions can (and probably will) be answered via experience, but I want to have an idea what to expect, so I know if anything will need to change. Especially the LARPing concern. He seems to take a groin shot every single time we play, (why he doesn't wear his cup, I'll never understand), if the device will cause increased pain I want to know that ahead of time, so we can avoid it.


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  3. One more note about how visible a chastity device is under slacks. The more a chastity device points downward rather then outward the less visible it will be. I noticed some of the jailhouse devices pointing more outward then downward. Just compare what you want to get with a jailbird or CB 6000 design to get an idea of how hidden it will be. Understand manufacturers do not make these to be purposely visible either. It defeats their marketing purpose.

  4. I think it is a good idea to try locking him, especially if it approves your communication. A $30 one will likely have limitations but at least you can get a feel for whether you like the idea. And I think regular spankings is a good idea to get him to communicate more. Either that or longer time in denial.


  5. Good advice from all the posters. Whatever you start out with, make sure it has several sizes of base rings (the ring that surrounds the scrotum) so that you can experiment. Some good reports have been coming in on the new Holy Trainer Version 2. Also, members on regularly post devices for sale at reduced prices. Although they have been used, they can be completely sterilized in boiling water.You are entirely correct to focus on the Mature Metal Jailbird as a final device if Male chastity works well in your relationship. IMHO, the JB is the "best of the best" for continuous wear. I am locked in it as are many, many others. It is their most popular model. If you can get the MM cage diameter right the first time, other things can usually be adjusted by MM for only a $10 fee.

    1. The one I bought comes with 3 different base rings.

  6. My wife and I are frequent readers of your blog and really appreciate the way you write about your struggles and emotions. We have been practicing chastity for about 5 years and I wanted to share some thoughts on devices.

    We have tried the less expensive Jailbird and it was not a good experience:
    1. There is only one ring-size and it was too big
    2. The weight is too heavy and caused the device to sag and actually fall off.
    3. The metal corroded in just a few weeks.
    4. You will not experience a true chastity experience.

    We highly recommend you begin with one of the CB models, either the CB-3000 or CB-6000. These come with multiple ring sizes and provide the most inexpensive way to get started with Chastity.

    Currently we own two devices, a Mature Metal QueensKeep – which I wear 24/7 for up to 2 months at a time. It’s comfortable, easy to stay clean, and doesn’t break. Mature Metal is a GREAT company; they are easy to work with, easy to call with questions, and make a great product.

    We also own a Holy Trainer. This is the most comfortable device I have ever worn, however, the material is a bit flexible when warm and my scrotum has slipped out a couple times. Getting the ring size correct for a first device may be difficult, start with a CB. I wear this one when traveling by air (or anywhere else that has metal detectors) and I have never had to explain that thing in my pants. Our preferred vendor is Kept for Her.

    I have recently introduced my wife to your blog, she is reading and enjoying your perspective. She is not a fan of the blogs that are male oriented nor overly “graphic.” Thank you for your blog and keeping it real.

    1. I gave a lot of thought to the CB models, and I just don't like the way they look. I ordered a Jailhouse with 3 sizes of base rings, so hopefully that will make it easier to find the correct size. I'm not prepared to spend Jailbird prices right now. Three months from now, if I like having him locked, then I'll put it in the budget. But, for an experiment, I think the $30 version is just fine.

      On a side note, we've been practicing "unlocked chastity" as I call it for about 10 years. I made it clear to him 2 months into our relationship that masturbation was unacceptable to me, and that I expected him to only touch his cock when he had to. I told him that if he was going to do it himself, then he didn't need me at all. He has complied with that rule ever since without a device, and that's why this is so difficult for me. I don't want to lock him. I like that he follows the no masturbation rule without a device, simply on my say so. But, I think he needs to feel my control in a more concrete way. When it gets right down to it, I'm trying the device to see what kind of reaction he has to it. If, after 3 months, I don't see the changes I want in him, then I will forget about the chastity device, and try something else.

      I'm glad your wife is enjoying my blog. I've struggled with flr for a couple years mostly because I pretty much "forced" my knight into it. Now that I've come to realize that he wants this, likes it, thrives under it, and has been asking to be my submissive for years, flr is getting easier for me. Knight spent a long time doing the stealth submission thing, and it nearly destroyed our marriage.

  7. I concur with Still Learning. My suggestion would be to start with a CB6000 (event he "s" model if your husband cock is smallish). It is comfortable and I have worn it so many times under my work clothes (suit pants, dress pants, etc.) without a single problem. Well, except once when I was giving a presentation in a conference room and I bumped my cage again the table and it made an audible "clunk". Everyone acted like they didn't hear anything so I went on.

    The best advice I can give is to not be tempted to try and get one of the "knock-off" cages. Get one from Kept for Her so you can be sure it is legitimate. My first cage was one I got a "great deal" on. Shortly after getting it, while it was trying to contain a burgeoning erection, it split right up the middle and then pinched (real hard) the length of my cock until we could rush and get the key and get the f-ing thing off. I was agony and having a scab on your cock is no fun for either of you I promise.

    Anyway, if you are confident that a chastity device is the way to go after using the CB6000 .... you can graduate to the pricier metal ones with confidence.

    Angelique .......... If you're going to use a chastity, DON'T let him bullshit you into letting it come off unless there is a genuine, physical reason to do it safety-wise.

  8. This is my initial review of the one I bought:

    Can't give you more because I was only locked yesterday for the first time.



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