Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shaving Issue Resolved.

Last night I was going to go ahead and shave knight myself.

The plan was to wait until he got undressed, get all flirty and then blindfold him and tie him to our bedpost. After that I figured I'd play it up a bit with a little cock tease including the oil I make that he likes so much. After I had him good and going, I was going to leave our room and go get the clippers. Tease another minute or two and then turn the clippers on and take care of the shaving. I'd also decided that since I had to do this for him, I would go head and shave his chest, too. I figured that would make my point nicely. After I was done, I was going to take pictures to send to one of my friends.

I was ready to put my plan in to action. But, when we went into the bedroom last night, knight went directly to our vanity counter and grabbed his rechargeable moustache trimmer, and disappeared into our bathroom. I heard the trimmers come on almost immediately. He FINALLY did the shaving himself.

Honestly I found the whole thing kind of humorous because knight felt the need to hide in the bathroom to do this. Our bathroom is in our bedroom and it has an open floor plan. What that means is that there is an archway between our bedroom and the "dressing area".. which includes shower, bathtub, vanity, sinks, and closet. The toilet is in a small closet size room by itself. That is where knight hid to shave. Why? He's never been shy in front of me before, so why start now?

But.. whatever.. the job is done, and I've made it clear that I expect him to maintain it very closely. I don't want to feel stubble.

I was kind of looking forward to carrying out my plan.


  1. I love your plan to shave his chest too to make the point.
    Sounds like he is slowly learning how to behave properly.

  2. Hi Angelique,
    Does your Knight read your blog? Surely that should tell him where he's going wrong...

  3. No, he doesn't read my blog - or any other FLR blog, for that matter. There are two reasons for this. When I first brought up the topic of FLR, I had knight read a couple well chosen blogs. I had hoped that reading would help him be more comfortable with seeing himself as When I run across a post I want him to read, I email it to him. submissive. It had the opposite effect. Knight went poking around and ran across a post by .. I forget who, where he was talking about being thrilled that his wife showed a bit of dominance while they were at a cocktail party or something. Knight couldn't identify with the writer's reaction and it put him off of even discussing FLR for months. Of course, he's made some progress in the last couple years, and is maybe better able to separate the reality of FLR from the fantasy D/s scenario. .. maybe. But, I'd rather not take that chance.

    Plus, there's the matter of time. Knight's at work all day, and when he comes home, I expect him to spend the evenings with our kids. So, there is really no time for him to read FLR blogs.

    When I write something, or read something, that I want knight to read, I email it to him.

  4. New reader here, does he wear a chastity device? Thanks

    1. No, my knight doesn't wear a chastity device. He's not allowed to orgasm or masturbate without my permission, and I expect him to obey simply because it's my wish. He's only broken the no masturbation rule once in 10 years. Many years before we started flr, I caught him masturbating, and I was incredibly upset with him. I told him that if he was going orgasm by himself, then he didn't need me. It was 2 months before I let him touch me again. He's never done it since.

      I've considered having him wear a chastity device. We've talked about it once or twice. A few months ago, I asked him how he felt about it, and he never answered me. I might get him one, one of these days, but if I do it will be used as a punishment. It would be a symbol of lost trust. And, my trust is very important to knight.

    2. I hope you will post about it if you do get one for him. If he's not willing, it might be difficult to get it on him or fit it. My guy has some extra padding so it's even harder to fit him. Anyway, thanks.

  5. I understand completely what you mean. It does kind of symbolize a lack of trust in a way. That's exactly how I feel about my man masturbating. What does he need me for? Also, it's taking away from his desire for me. Which is a waste. I got a device but as to whether or how long he will wear it, we'll see. It's not on him yet, he said he'll look at it. I'll know this weekend.

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Knight has a thing for body piercings. I have a couple piercings that he gets to play with and take photos of when he's been really good...