Friday, November 4, 2011

Even though I messed it up at the end, last night was sweet and special. Two days ago, I sent my knight a series of texts that read:

"Tonight, I am taking pictures of my hands around your hard cock for queenandknight. After I get the pics, I want your mouth on my tits, and your hand deep inside me. Make me come until I tell you to stop. Then,snuggle up, with your hand on my tit. You'll have to wait until later for yours"

 That night was busy and hectic. We didn't get to bed until much later than I had intended, and he gets up for work at 430am. I told him he needs his sleep and we would reschedule our playtime for the next night. He sighed, obviously disappointed, but snuggled up and played with my tits until he feel asleep. 

The next day passed uneventfully and we went to bed early. Stretched out next to my knight, I  casually reached down and grabbed his cock. Slowly I played and massaged until he was hard. I got up from our bed and retrieved the clove massage oil I make just for him, and the camera. I snapped a couple pictures of the oil making it's way from his down his cock to his balls. Then, I ran a fingernail up the path the oil took, finally wrapping my hand around the head of of his cock. I swirled his cock-head in the palm of my hand, spreading the oil. Then, I pulled back and took several pictures. 

When I was done with the pictures, I said, "You know these pics are going on my blog for everyone to see, right? Complete strangers will see your hard cock covered in oil, with my hand around it."

I put the camera and the oil on my bedside table and added, "And they'll know that I didn't let you do anything with it."

I made my way back to bed. As I reached the bed he reached out and pulled me toward him. His mouth found my nipple at the same time as his hand found my pussy. As he worked me toward my first orgasm I reached out and took his cock in both of my hands, rubbing gently. After a few minutes, I stopped and gave full concentration to my orgasm. 

As my shudders stopped, I laid my knight on his back and straddled his cock. Gently, I kissed his lips, forehead, cheeks and neck. Then, I lowered myself to take his hard, large cock deep inside me.  I  sat there for a few minutes while he rubbed my sides, stomach and tits. I love the way he feels inside me, and could be totally satisfied having him rest deep inside me. 

Finally, I started rocking and swaying. Small movements at first, and then larger and harder circles. After a few minutes I had my second orgasm, this one sent ripples through my entire body. I gave him a little break, and then slid down his body and took his cock deep into my mouth so the head of his cock was against the back of my throat. He shivered. I sucked, nibbled and teased until he was almost ready to come. Then, I moved to straddle his thighs. His cock rested against my pussy, giving him a much needed break. I leaned over and kissed him. As I did his hand found my most sensitive spot and went to work. I moved to give
him access to my tits. It was like this that I had my third and forth orgasms. My hands found his hardness and he almost came with me, but I stopped him just in time.

I moved and curled up next to him with the intention of letting him go soft in my hands as we fell asleep. But sometimes even the best intentions take a wrong turn. I gently massaged his cock and ball pulling them away from his body in the way that usually helps him calm down. He started shaking and I knew he was going to come no matter what I did, so I took his cock in both my hands and brought him to a hard and intense orgasm. As my knight shuddered in my arms, I decided that next time I'll use one of my scarves around his balls and cock to help him hold back.


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