Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Local Groups

I wonder if talking to real people who are in a FLR would help me to stay on track and remember what I'm supposed to be doing here. I have found that I get busy with the day-to-day and forget to take my place as leader. With my knight working nights, it's easy to go on about my day and forget.

I need some sort of reminder that I am responsible for taking the leadership role with my knight. With him working nights it's easy to fall into taking care of house, kids, and my businesses and forget to manage my knight as well.

Last week I pretty much ignored the whole FLR thing without meaning to. My knight came home from work, we talked for 20 min or so and I sent him to bed. I woke him up in time for dinner and bedtime routines with the kids. We saw each other for a total of 3 hours, and during that time we were both occupied with kid related tasks. As soon as the kids are in bed, it's time for my knight to to leave for work. That leaves no time for much of anything.

We both missed the tease/denial game we had going on. At the same time the week I did that it was a lot of work and although I enjoyed the game, I didn't get much benefit from it. Actually, I started to resent it a little bit because I was doing *everything* from housework to cooking to kid care to running our businesses AND making the time to wake him up several times a day for a quick tease session. But.. when my knight was awake, he was too busy and tired to do much of anything.

When he was working day shift we didn't have that problem FLR was easy, natural and comfortable for both of us. I wanted to add the tease/denial to the mix because we have enjoyed it the handful of times I've introduced it as a game.

I need suggestions on making this work with him working nights. How do you go about finding *local* people who live the FLR life?


  1. Maybe come up with other ways to tease him while you both figure out how to manage his new schedule so that he gets the rest he needs, participates with family life and serves you within the bounds of your FLR.

    My partner and I don't live together and the guy works three jobs. When I do see him in person he's often exhausted, physically teasing him as much as I'd like would border on actually abusive, controlling behavior that would qualify me for grounds for dismissal I'm sure. However he and I do spend a lot of time chatting online, emailing and texting each other which gives me a great platform to tease him relentlessly with sexy ideas. Additionally I set up a tumblr account to post teasing images to on a daily basis - I can post things on my schedule and he can go look at them on his. For now, this is working for us, it took a couple months of fishing for me to come up with this method of tease and it's working well. The poor guy ;-)

    Good luck.

  2. I've tried sending him pictures, texts, and emails, but mostly I'm asleep while he's at work, and he's asleep or we're doing the family thing when he's at home. My original thought was to tease him through email and on our private journal so he could read when he has time at work. BUT.. his company monitors, screen-shots and records every single web and email he gets. So, his email and web use is not private at work, and since he started working nights he doesn't check his email from home anymore.

    Anybody know of a program that sends text messages at a preset time?

  3. How about getting him a Smartphone with a data plan? He can email, surf the web, and even chat privately at work. Unless he works in some sort of high security environment where his every move is watched, that might be a viable solution.



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