Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Night

As I reflected on my life tonight, Thanksgiving 2011, I realized that one of the things I am deeply thankful for is that my knight and I finally figured out what it was that he wanted from me. I'm thankful that starting on this FLR path has helped us strengthen and preserve our marriage. If we had not started this FLR "thing" back in August, I doubt very much that my knight and I would still be together today. Instead of spending the day cooking and playing with the kids together we would have been trying to juggle the kids between two homes.

Starting a FLR instead of trying to shoehorn ourselves into a "traditional" relationship has saved our marriage. No, things are not perfect. But we are no longer fighting against each other to achieve the same goals. Before nobody was in charge.. we were trying to do things 50/50 and it did not work for us. My knight did not want to make the decisions and I saw his constant inability to take action as I thought he should as a serious character flaw. Now I understand that he was getting stuck on finding the decision that would make ME happy, and without guidance from me that was impossible

I am thankful that we are working saving our marriage.. that there is hope for our marriage again.

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