Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rewards and Consequences

I've decided we need a reward and consequence system. I've decided to create 2 boxes. Each box will contain at least 10 paper slips. One box will hold rewards, and the other consequences.

When my sweet knight has done something to particularly please me I will instruct him to take one or more slips from the reward box. He's not allowed to look in the box as he chooses his reward slips. I will give him, or allow him whatever is written on that slip. When the reward has been granted he will return the slip to the box.

When he's done something to disappoint or anger me he will be instructed to choose one or more slips from the consequence box. When the required consequences have been fulfilled he will return the slip to the box.

I have asked him to write out 5 consequences and 5 rewards for himself, and I have also written out 5 of each. I've not seen what he's come up with yet but here are my ideas.

  • A "freebie" blow job. 
  • Money to spend at the adult toy store on whatever he wishes
  • Time for a naughty photoshoot of his choice
  • 2 hours playing video games on a Saturday 
  • Time to himself for a photography excursion. Can be with or without me.. his choice. Amount of time allowed is determined by me.

  • Change the cat boxes
  • Watch me pleasure myself. He can not touch me,or himself, and he can't grab the camera. He can cuddle with me afterwards, but only if I ask him to. No sex until the next day.
  • I will refuse to touch him for a specific number of days. (number of days is determined by me when he picks this consequence. It will be based on the severity of the infraction)
  • I will assign him extra chores
  • He must sleep on his own side of the bed instead of curled up with me like he usually does. 
Feel free to make suggestions in the comments section. 


  1. Do you still use this? So what were his rewards that he came up with?

  2. Smart system, yes I am also curious to know what he came up with.



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