Monday, January 13, 2014

I think I've been pretty consistent with maintaining flr and discipline. My knight has been following his lists, and doing what is expected pretty consistently. He starts his Master's degree program today, and is pretty excited. He's nervous, too. He's not exactly a 20something kid any more. I think he'll have fun with it, though. He's also waiting for results from a job interview late last week. He really wants this position. It's pretty much his dream job at his dream company. the interview went well, and they requested references over the weekend. Hopefully, we'll hear something this week. His last day of work at his current position is on Friday. In the meantime, I am starting to put my "Plan B" into action. That means stepping up my writing- actively pursuing corporate writing gigs, and getting my darned book proposal done. I am SO.. SO bad at meeting self-imposed deadlines.. I have never missed a publishing deadline. I pride myself on meeting publishing deadlines no matter what it takes. But, self imposed deadlines? I tend to reschedule them, or simply ignore them. But, that stops this week. I've always been able to set my mind to something and accomplish the task regardless of the odds. Once I'm set on something, it happens. So.. I am focusing that on the ability to meet self imposed deadlines.

What does any of this have to do with flr? Not a thing......  Except that even with all these things going on my knight is doing a good job right now. He's following his lists, and doing what is expected of him. I'd doing my best not to let stress get in the way of our tease and denial play. I've been better about telling my knight to do things that help reduce my stress levels, so that I'm more in the mood for sex play. Stress is my biggest sex killer. Many of you will say that he should be looking for ways to reduce my stress levels without me telling him to. And, sure.. he probably should. But, our biggest pit is when I expect him to do things on his own.. to "learn about me, and just know." That's when he gets unsure of what he should do, totally freezes,and does nothing. And, when I'm under stress, my knight is more likely to freeze because he's unsure of what I want from him. So, right now, I am making a point to spell everything out for him. And so far, it's working.

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