Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The last few days have been smooth and conflict free. Ever since I brought up the topic of punishments and chastity devices, he's been on his best behavior. He's completed his list each day, and has remembered to bring it to me before we go to bed. He's been looking for ways to help out, has been more attentive and open with me, and has stopped complaining. And... he's been rewarded greatly. The stress is gone, which makes me a lot more interested in sex. Since Friday he's gotten teased and played with at least twice each day. Each tease session has included me allowing him to bring me to orgasm at least twice. Last night I teased and used him for my personal pleasure for about 2 hours. When I was finished, he curled up in my arms and peacefully drifted off to sleep. I checked my calendar. Knight's last orgasm was December 30. He's doing a good job of not letting himself get too close to orgasm, and not complaining about being denied. Actually, he seems to be enjoying it again.

It's been a good couple of days.

We haven't finished our punishment and chastity discussions yet. There always seems to be a kid around, but the door has been opened. This coming Friday or Sunday (maybe both) my 18 year old will stay home to keep an eye on the younger kids so my knight and I can go out alone together for a while. On Friday we'll go out to dinner to my favorite restaurant. What happens after dinner will depend on the weather. But, during that time I will bring up the punishment and chastity again... if we don't make the time before then.  I want to hear my knights opinions on both.  I don't know that his punishment ideas will be of any real use -- the last time I asked him for suggestion his punishment list was very similar to his rewards list, but we'll see what he comes up with . I do want to know how he feels about chastity, though. We've never discussed it, and I'm curious. If he isn't fond of the idea, it'll make a great punishment tool. If he loves the idea then I need to do some thinking about it. My favorite thing about our current chastity rules is that he follows them because I expect it. If we introduce a device, then he has not choice but to comply... it takes away the aspect of self control because I demand it.  But.. we'll see what he has to say.


  1. Angelique,

    My Mistress does not employ a device on me for kind of the same reason you bring up.

    She says that if she puts a device on me then I am being denied without choice. She prefers that I stay denied because I am choosing to obey her. Maybe in some ways it's more difficult and in some ways maybe not so.

    I guess each woman has her own rule on how she wants this handled. Whatever you decide I am sure its the best decision for the two of you.

  2. David really is not a fan of the chastity device. He knows that his cock is mine and he can only touch it when I allow, and I control his orgasms too, but knowing he really hates the device makes it a good punishment. He knows he has really pushed me far if I resort to locking him up. Also because it does feel so negative to him it isn't something that I "want" to use on a regular basis. I can take it or leave it as far as the cage goes. I like having easy access to my cock anyway. I would say if he really isn't keen on being locked up for sure start using it as a punishment. Especially if being locked means no teasing.

  3. You are moving forward wonderfully. You are making it work and that is great. i do believe in punishment and chastity. i also believe in mixing things up so i am always paying attention and seeking to keep Mistress Barbara's happy. Not know what will happen next was a big part of my training. Glad to hear about Your progress and advances.

  4. It may take away the self control, but being locked in a device, as a punishment or not, will be a constant reminder that you hold the key and are definitely in charge and in control of him.

  5. my Wife Mistress rarely has me wear my chastity tube. i too am required to remain chaste voluntarily and She now only uses it for punishment purposes. Like if i become too bitchy or complain too much about lack of attention or lack of Her touching me.

    Yes, She owns my cock, balls, ass and mouth and no, i am not allowed to them for anything other than what nature intended. But, when caged, it is an obvious, constant reminder of my status with Her. For me, the mere thought of being required to wear the device is an incredible turn on and i am actually quite aroused for the bulk of the first day i am required to wear it. In fact, i often have difficulty putting it on because the idea itself causes an erection. But that arousal soon fades, usually on that first night having to wear it to bed. There is hardly anything more awful than being roused awake by the pain of a nocturnal erection straining against a hard plastic cage.

  6. Having your Knight obey because he chooses is surely the best option. A device may make a great punishment tool, but having your Knight obey through choice is priceless. An FLR is about the man submitting to the rule of the woman and obeying her; forced obedience is not obedience.



Knight has a thing for body piercings. I have a couple piercings that he gets to play with and take photos of when he's been really good...